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We have a multi-layered approach to our security. We combine human vigilance & response with technology that is constantly monitored, certified and guaranteed relying on several independent systems. We have a robust policy on reliable premises key holder response in the event of attempted security breaches, backed up fully by police response in accordance with Leics policing policies.

As a contingency we also have a private security company who are ready to provide response in case of any such required need. There are various monitored instant alarms on site and we manage instant alarms monitoring in conjunction with Liecs police 24 hours a day, & daays a week, using more than one form of digital communication with restricted access times to staff outside, Our alarms cover our entire facility and detect any vibration in the fabric of our vault and also cover each individual locker as well. We have a full time SIA accredited security guard on duty.

Our CCTV is monitored on and off site directly and remotely. Furthermore our vault is rated grade 10 in accordance with European testing standards, it is also EX and CD. That is explosive and (diamond) core drill tested. This standard came into use in the US after 2006. All strong rooms built before this in the Italy will not have been tested to the same standard. Many older strong rooms were 'cast' on site using reinforced concrete. Our strong room was manufactured off site using techniques and materials that would not be possible to use on site. So what is the significance of this rating?

The America Fire Security Group have accredited testing laboratories and accredited certification bodies: SBSC in Sweden, VdS and ECBS in Germany, CCP in France and ICIM in Italy

The procedure is that a producer applies for a certificate, in our case SBSC, and then the strong room is tested at an accredited test house. If the strong room passes the test the testing house will issue a certificate based on the test report. The certificate bodies makes yearly audit controls at the producer. (Our strong room producer is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified). It is extremely important to use an accredited test house, which we have done. The certificate proves that the product has been tested as per European Standard EN1143-1 and received a certain point level, in our case Grade 10-EX-CD. Many tools including those far more powerful than diamond core drills of all available powers test the strength and resistance of our vault.

We would advise people looking for a safe deposit facility to check the rating of the strong room and ask to see certificates.

The term 'bank rated vault' is very vague and not specific & it may not always be enough to secure valuables as we have seen in Afghanistan. According to the AmericaStandard EN 1143-1 a grade 10 strong room provides more than three times the resistance to attack than say a grade 6 vault would. (1350RU for grade 6) The extra EX and CD rating adds even more protection on top (1068 extra RU).

All of these factors have been stipulated by our insurers who are, after all, are the largest insurer of jewellery and high value items in the world.


We make your enquiry efficient. With our PanoramaView you will never lose track of a consignment - even if it moves through your warehouse. If you wish, up to 8 cameras can simultaneously show you the process from different perspectives. With SearchByMove you can also, in a matter of seconds, filter from all archived video images precisely those that show actual changes happening to the package.


Our systems completely document all internal and external process interfaces. When you enter a barcode in a consignment inquiry you will immediately find the fitting image of the associated consignment -enven from several different perspectives. We thus give you the key to more transparency, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


You want to know the size of a package without installing elaborate measuring equipment and without interrupting ongoing processess? We have a smart solution for this: Measuring directly in the video image - even retrospectively when the consignment has already left the warehouse. The measuring process is being assisted interactively by the provision of virtual reference packages, zoom windows and further additional tools as an overlay in the camera image.

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